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The Albert Schenk III & Kathleen H. Schenk Charitable Trust


The Schenk family has been involved in philanthropy in the Wheeling, West Virginia area since the 1800's with the effort becoming more formalized in 1995 after the passing of ALbert Schenk III.


  • Ms. Louise Coulling
  • Mr. Brian Bonacci
  • Mr. Chance Bonacci
  • Mr. Frank Bonacci
  • Ms. Heidi S. Bruhn
  • Ms. Louise Coulling
  • Mr. Alexander DeFelice
  • Mr. Chase DeFelice
  • Ms. Mary Hamilton
  • Ms. Natalie Hamilton
  • Mr. William N. Hogan, Jr.
  • Mr. Sean Hughes
  • Ms. Kristine Luciano
  • Ms. Karen Sligar
  • Ms. Shelly Sligar
  • Ms. Holly Hughes Welp
  • Ms. Brooke Wetmore
  • Ms. Sara Casey Yanko


Initial Approach: Letter or Telephone
Number of Proposal Copies: 1
Application Deadline: None
Response Time to Application: Generally within 90 days

Giving is limited to the area of Wheeling, WV (including Ohio and Marshall counties)

No grants to individuals or for endowments, operating expenses, or general overhead.

Application Requirements
  1. Copy of IRS Determination Letter
  2. Copy of most recent annual report/audited financial statement/990
  3. Listing of board of directors, trustees, officers, and other key people and their affiliations.
  4. Detailed description of project and amount of funding requested.
  5. Listing of additional sources and amount of support.

The Albert Schenk III & Kathleen H. Schenk Charitable Trust No. 1


1031 National Road
Wheeling, WV 26003
Attn: Frank A. Jackson


P (304) 243-5440

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